Friday, November 13, 2009

If You Want to Enjoy Winter, You Have to Dress For It

Godfrey dawns his scarf, but prefers my lap to keep himself cozy.


Filigree said...

Aw the kitty is cold!
But what does she wear cycling, that is the question? My cats would like some advice.

spiderleggreen said...

When he's cold he sits on my legs, which is most of the winter. This shot came about because I was teasing him by wrapping the scarf around him. Normally, he'd shake it off but this time he just sat there, allowing me to get some good shots.

He's not much of an outdoor cat, except for the rug porch in the summer. His advice to other kitty's is to stay away from those bikes. He hasn't liked the short rides I've given him.