Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ice House Artsy

Is the Arctic climate getting to you?  
Or do you just need a good non-traditional reason to get out on the ice?
Well, come check out to the 6th Annual Art Shanty Project on Medicine Lake.  You have until February 14th to see all the crazy art ice houses.  Saturday's and Sunday's are the best days, because they have the most going on.  

They are also having bicicle races every Saturday at 2pm!  I'd enter but I don't think I have enough studs on my bike tires to keep from falling on every turn.

The art shanty's are fast becoming a winter tradition.  I was out there last year, and had a great time checking out the funky ice houses and finding a little community on the ice.


m e l i g r o s a said...

oh that sounds like a fun exhibition!!
spider leg igloo ;)

spiderleggreen said...

It can be a blast. But it just got up to zero(at 2pm), so I think I'll wait til next weekend... hoping for better weather.

ps. this really is something that SF doesn't have! ;)