Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Philosophy on Winter Biking

If you didn't know, this comic strip is Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery.  It's a daily strip that chronicles the odd couple-like bike shop owners, Yehuda Moon and Joe. They represent the polar opposites of the biking world.  Yehuda sees biking primarily as transportation, while Joe is more concerned with speed.    What I like about Yehuda Moon is, this strip exposes so many truths about biking, especially if you have been riding awhile.  It's been a great introduction into a different biking philosophy, for me.

The strip above is exactly my experience of winter biking.  You always have to prepare and think ahead.  You have be very mindful when your riding, because conditions are going to change.  But in the end, your feet are gonna get cold.


Anonymous said...

Ha, that's the truth! Although my fingers suffer much more than my toes.

spiderlegreen said...

You're probably right, but I was going with the cartoon. Back on the foot subject. I bought smartwool socks and have been wearing Tennis shoes all winter, on my bike. Wool is the thing to get.

Highwaymunky said...

That's just what I said!