Sunday, February 1, 2009

Art on the Ice of Medicine Lake

Wind Surfing at a glacial pace.  No really...they sailed it through the camp.

Space conscious.

People power.

I finally got out to the shanty's, today.  The Art Shanty Project is a collection of little art houses on the ice.  For those of you not from the northern latitudes, it is perfectly safe to be out on the ice in Minnesota... after a very cold January.  Except that yesterday was warm and there was a glaze of ice on top of the snow, today.  So when it's icy, you have to do the Minnesota Shuffle.  What's that?  It's the best way to keep yourself from falling.  You do it by skidding your feet across the ground as you move.  Shuffle, shuffle.  It just teaches you patience, since it takes you a lot longer to get around.

I shot a gaggle of pictures and I'm planning to do a couple more blogs with those.  One blog will be on the Bicicle race they had.  Biking on ice is sure to have some spills. I'm also going to be putting the leftovers on my Flickr site.  Take a look.


Anonymous said...

Do they bike race on ice with studded tires? Seems like they would have to. I think it would be fun to take my bike on the ice, but Lake Michigan doesn't look too solid. Maybe one night during my commute home I'll pull through the ice skating rink in Grant Park. By the time security realized what was going on, I'd be long gone :)

spiderlegreen said...

I'd be prepared for a fall. Not that you will, but if you do... you won't have time to think about it.

My bike has a reasonable amount of studs and when I rode on glare ice in Loring Park, I fell 3 times.