Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ice Bike Championship

They haven't come up with a cool name for this race, so I'm going with Ice Bike but the Iciclebicycle Invitational has a nice ring to it. I'd be happy to lend them the name... at a non-profit rate.

If you don't know this race was held at the Art Shanty Project site "on" Medicine Lake, MN.

This year champion is the same as last years. I didn't get his name but he's the guy holding up the trophy, which is some spokes with imitation ice chunks on the ends. The race was notable for it's slippery finish. The winner and two other cyclists fell on the same spot, 10 feet from the finish line. Don't feel sorry for them. While falling on ice happens often and without warning, I have found it to be a reasonably easy fall. I think it's because when you hit the ground you are sliding on the ice. Don't fight it. Just go with the flow. You're most likely to get into trouble if you try to save it. Just take the fall and get back up. Thankfully, everyone who fell down at Saturday's race got up with nothing but perhaps a bruised ego.

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