Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Friday!

It's Critical Mass.

"Over the head" shot.

"Down under me" shot of Schwinn.

"Me with my Winter fur" shot.

It was a little nippy out there today, but still a good turnout(60+), I thought, for a March Critical Mass ride. One guy did get taken down right in front of me, when one of the peddle cops decided to stop and shove his bike into they guy when he strayed over the yellow line. Seemed kind of excessive. Like the cop just snapped and decided somebody's going down. But for the most part things seem to be pretty good with the police. They send some bike cops along with us and have a few squad cars in the back. We ride around the city yelling "Happy Friday!".


Velouria said...

The police story does sound a little excessive. I still have never been to Critical Mass, though I am curious. Happy Friday indeed and I hope it gets warmer soon - this really has been a long winter!

Loving the Bike said...

Great to see it.....more power to the cyclists. Thanks for sharing the pictures. You still an icicle....or are you thawing out?

spiderleggreen said...

Thank You!

Yes, this icicle has melted and will be dipping over to, very soon.