Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What I Wear to Stay Warm: A Warm Heart Doesn't Require Cold Hands: Keeping Hands Toasty in Subzero Weather

These Smartwool liner gloves are a must. By themselves, they're good for me down into the high 20's on a bike. Plus, you can do things that require some dexterity. The Smartwool gloves are perfect for when you want add some warmth to heavier gloves or these mitten gloves. And if the big ones get too hot, the liner gloves will keep the chill off your hands.

Mitten Gloves

Warm arms are important too. I use these Pearl iZumi arm warmers. They're nice because you can pull them off, when you get to your destination or you can bring them with you just in case you need some extra layers on the ride home.


Trisha said...

Your cat certainly has the right idea. :) Nice illustrative post, and not as many layers as I would have expected.

spiderleggreen said...

That's Godfrey's solution to winter. Sit on the radiators. I always arrange it so he has a step up to all of them around the house.

Wool, wool, wool. That's the big big secret. It has reduced what I have to put on to keep warm on rides. Plus, it really doesn't stink the next morning. Just air it out.