Monday, December 15, 2008

Icicle by Bicycle: Part 1

I hopped on the Greenway and headed east. I only met a few cyclists, even though it was a balmy 34F. I guess people were too busy shopping.

To the light rail at Lake Street

And stowed my bike.

Arriving at my destination, Minnehaha Falls.

I've been coming to the Falls since before I remember. It is always a place that I make a point of going to every year and if I remember, every season. I really need to see it in all the seasons. In the spring, it's wet and turning very, very green. In the summer, you can hide from the sun under the lush trees and explore it's hidden avenues. The fall brings vibrant colors and cool waters. When the leaves fall from the branches, you see the rock formations and all that is hidden in the summer. And this place called Minnehaha Falls is right inside the city of Minneapolis. So close and so far away from the busy city. Every time I go, I say to myself that I should come here more often. I've spent so much time here, doing so many things. I promise, I'll come back.

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The Jolly Crank said...

Yes!Yes! Yes! I love the Falls!