Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thaw and Freeze


You'd think that I would be grateful, after several weeks of bitter cold, when it got above freezing, on Friday. But the cyclist in me, knows that what goes up is going to come down with a whole lot of ice. Which it did on Saturday. I'd rather it stay in the teens and twenties, keeping that snow nice and consistent, then going through the melt and freeze cycle that we just went through.

The Freeze

Tonight, I was biking through Loring Park and noticed that I was riding on glare ice. I made the mistake of trying to stop suddenly to take this picture, and went for a nice skid, which was pretty funny, as I shifted back and forth to keep from falling. I tried a few times to ride on it, hoping the studded tires would prevent a fall, but that was not the case. Luckly, I'm good at falling and won't having a bruises to show for it. It is a reminder to always watch what's ahead of me, slowing down when it gets dangerous.

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Toronto Bike Chic said...

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keep up the great writing.