Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Strikes!

Dedicated rider said she's may end up walking if the ice is to dangerous.

Not many bikes at the at the Wedge Coop on Sunday evening.

I saw this guy on my drive in this morning. It was -7F/-21C at the time.

Winter definitely arrived in Minnesota, yesterday. I'm glad I had my studded tires, because it sleeted first, before the temps dropped into the abyss. I didn't ride to work this morning, but was happy to see 2 riders braving the extreme cold. My commute is 13 miles and I hope to work up to riding in the subzero weather, but I remember from last year that it gets real hard to peddle at those temps.

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anna said...

Ah, finally found your hanging thing in the train. We have similar ones in regional trains, but we do actually have a hook where the front wheel is hang up.

I think with these hooks a lot of space is saved. But on the other hand - what would you do if you have a rack mounted to your bike, or saddle bags? Not a perfect solution, but at least a possibility to transport bikes ;-).