Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Am I Still Here?

Why is iciclebicycle still here?  Hasn't Spring come and melted all the snow?  Well, yes, but we had snow flakes this evening as I ran errands with Harvey.  While it was cold and blustery, my ride down Lake Street warmed me up.  Lake Street is the heart of South Minneapolis.  My connection to it goes back to my earliest years.  Here's a funny story.  As a kid I lived two blocks from it, and so as I was learning new words, I would talk about it a lot.  One day when I was five, I walked over to the street by myself and looked up at the sign.  I had made a mistake.  It said Lake Street, not Leg Street!  All that time I thought everybody was calling it Leg Street.  Well that changed my life forever.

The street has changed a lot.  Gone are the new car dealers.  They moved to the Suburbs.  Gone are Porky's and the Red Barn.  Restaurants of a bygone era.  Also gone are the porn houses and massage parlors.  They went somewhere.  Perhaps downtown... or the web.  Today, the biggest mover's are the Spanish speaking folks(Don't want to get into the identity issue).  They have really brightened things up with the bright Orange and Yellow colors of their buildings.  

I came across a nice little taco shop called Pineta.  I hadn't been there in a while and was a little hungry.   They have great taco's at a nice price.  Plus, they have Horchata to wash down with.

Harvey hangs out with a cool new friend while do some shopping.

I am still working on the new website and hope to roll it out soon.  But I did see snow in the forecast for next week, so iciclebicycle lives a little longer.


Reuben said...

So many great places along Lake. Pineda Tacos is great. Also, if you don't mind a little grease in your burritos, Taco Taxi is a great burrito (though I'm pretty sure they make up the prices every time I go in there and order the same thing.... and the language barrier makes it a little difficult to ask about the price fluctuations). Also, La Que Buena has some great super-nachos and burritos. Los Ocampo is worth a try if you like burritos, too.

I didn't know Porkys used to be on Lake Street! Where abouts was it? I wish it was still there... Talk about bad architecture... but talk about great burgers!

m e l i g r o s a said...

does that mean all your ice blue energy will go away once it gets warmer?! :D

spiderlegreen said...

reuben~ Don't forget Mannie's Torta's. Porky's was somewhere on the south side of Lake between Cedar and Hiawatha.

Meli~ I think it's kind of like Frosty the Snow Man. It's sad he melted away, but ya know he'll be back when the snow returns in the fall. As for energy, I will have plenty of chai to keep me going. :)