Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winter Returns

Yesterday we set a record for this date, by not getting above 5F. I let go of Spring and decided to enjoy the Winter by getting on my bike and going for a nice ride. Being that it was Winter, it took 15 minutes to get properly dressed and ready to ride. I'm glad I took the time because that wind was strong and bitter(just like the coffee I used to drink). I didn't have much company, seeing 5 cyclists during my travels. 2 days earlier I had lost track of how many.

I must say that letting go of the idea that Spring must come soon, allowed me to enjoy riding in the crisp air. I was planning to take a few photo's but I wasn't that adapted to the cold, that I was going to stop and pull the camera out. No time for lingering. I made a few stops and talked to friend. Checked out a used bike shop, someone had told me about(I forget the name) on Lake Street. Got some groceries and headed home. Thanks to the rain, turned to snow storm of the night before, it was icy in spots. I wasn't riding my studded tire bike because the chain has started to slip. But my other bike has good winter tires on it. That didn't keep me from falling once, when I got stuck in an ice rut, while going down a hill. It was a nice fall and the only damage was to the banana's in my side pack. If there was picture that I should have taken, it would have of that path. This a busy ped/bike path across from the Walker Art Center and it was all icy ruts. That should be somebody's priority. Perhaps they had get the streets first.

All in all, it was a nice evening ride. I'm glad I chose that over hibernating.


Anonymous said...

Yikes, I'm glad it was a nice fall. I guess my only fall on ice was nice, too, as far as falls go.

spiderlegreen said...

:) Nice, as in I didn't have any bruises. I wish I could say I didn't have any falls. They say practice makes perfect. I had 3 falls, in one ride through Loring Park, earlier in the winter. Keeps me humble.